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Mission Statement

The Hope Service is dedicated to supporting and empowering young people, their families, carers and networks to enable them to reach their potential by offering a collaborative and therapeutic learning environment.

What is the Hope Service?

The Hope Service is a multi-agency service for young people aged 11-18 who are experiencing complex mental health, emotional, social and behavioural needs which could cause a placement breakdown or may require a Tier 4 hospital admission. These needs cannot be met by one agency alone. It is a joint partnership between Health Services, Children’s Services and Education who work together to provide support to young people in the community and through day programme provision. At Hope there is a dedicated team of social workers, nurses, teachers, psychologists, art/drama therapists, psychiatrists, a systemic family worker and activity workers.

The Hope Service is based on 3 sites:

  • Hope Epsom in West Park in Epsom
  • Hope Guildford on Worplesdon Road in Guildford
  • Extended Hope in Redhill

The Hope Service remit

  • To prevent or shorten Tier 4 inpatient hospital admissions for young people with mental health difficulties.
  • To prevent out of county fostering, community home or residential school placements for young people
  • To prevent family breakdown, where a young person is likely to be placed out of county
  • To work with young people in the community and/or through the provision of an individualised day programme to meet their specific therapeutic, educational and social needs.
  • To support young people to access employment, education or training on exit from Hope.
  • To work with young people on a short- term basis, usually for 6 -12 months.

What does Hope expect from young people

Our staff actively engage with every young person in the service. We listen to what they have to say about their experiences and what they would like Hope to help them to achieve. It is important that young people agree to work with us and are clear about why they have been referred to us for support.

Community Outreach

The Hope Service provides intensive community support and intervention to prevent or shorten a young person’s admission to Tier 4 inpatient units and to prevent placement breakdowns within the family, foster care placement or residential setting which might lead to a young person being moved into an out of county placement. We work closely with a range of professionals including Tier 4, Tier 3 CAMHS Clinics, Children’s Services teams, youth services, schools and local support networks to support young people. A Hope Co-ordinator is allocated to work with each young person to build a relationship with them in the community and support their transition into the day programme where it is appropriate.

The Day Programme

The day programme offers structured therapeutic, educational and personalised recreational activities to young people. The programme is flexible to ensure that it meets individual needs in a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment. In addition to education, there is a focus on individual and group therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, anger and anxiety management, assertiveness training and practical social and living skills. The day programme runs daily during term time, and continues with therapeutic work and activities in the school holidays.

Mental Health crisis support

On the 4th May 2021 a new crisis number was launched for children and young people and parents/carers in Surrey, to call if there is a mental health crisis.  The number can be accessed by calling 0800 915 4644 and pressing option 1.  This support is available 24 hours and 7 days a week.  The crisis line will be answered by a trained call handler who are experienced in working with people with Mental Health difficulties.

The Emergency Duty Team (EDT) is still available after 5pm to offer help and support for children and young people with increased social care needs and safeguarding concerns.  Please call 01483 517898.

CYP Havens are open virtually for young people from 10 – 18 years old, between 4 – 8.30pm weekdays and 12 – 6pm at weekends.  Please call 01483 519436.  Mental Health Clinicians or Youth Workers are available to speak to and there are groups which are also running.  www.cyphaven.net

Extended Hope

The Extended Hope Assessment and Support Service aims to support young people facing emotional and mental health crisis outside of normal office hours (5pm – 11pm 7 days a week) or requiring, following assessment, a respite/crisis bed at Hope House for up to 7 days. It is staffed by community psychiatric nurses and who will undertake mental health assessments of young people and can offer support to that young person and their family/carer.

Extended Hope can be accessed by young people, parents/carers by calling the crisis number 0800 915 4644 option 1.  All calls for Extended Hope will be triaged and if necessary Extended Hope will be asked to support young people in emotional and mental Health crisis, for example avoiding an A & E attendance or if there is an increase in risk.

A referral for the bed needs to be made through the Team Manager of Extended Hope or an Extended Hope Nurse or any Manager or Care Coordinator within the Hope Service on 01372 203404 (Hope Epsom) or 01483 517190 (Hope Guildford) between the hours of 9 – 5pm Monday to Friday