Health Outreach

Outreach means visiting families and young people in community settings, and not on the Hope sites. Our aim is to be responsive and proactive, seeing young people in more relaxing surroundings to help with engagement and intervention progress

What is it?

  • Typically home based
  • Usually delivered by nurses though others may join in
  • Outreach usually involves meeting with the young person although it may also include parental involvement
  • For intensive interventions visits may be weekly but can be more frequent depending on need.

Why do we use outreach?

There are five main situations when outreach may be used

  1. Assessment including the assessment of risk and mental health needs, following a crisis
  2. Engagement to support access to the day programme or other services
  3. Intensive short term intervention, often to minimise the risk of hospital admission.
  4. Engagement with young people in hospital in order to help them to engage with community services and reduce the length of stay
  5. Support, monitoring or intervention, alongside other Hope intervention

How long for?

This varies according to the purpose.

  • Short term crisis management, as part of assessment phase, is usually for up to 4 weeks
  • If it is part of on-going programme of care, the duration may be longer but is likely to be less frequent