The Therapeutic Day

The concept of the ‘Therapeutic Day’ underpins the Hope Service Day Programme. It shares some of the characteristics of a ‘Therapeutic Community’ model in that the whole day, and whatever happens in the day, is considered part of the work with the young people. The peer group is mobilised to provide mutual support and to foster resilience. The ‘Therapeutic Day’ encompasses all sessions; therapy, education and activities. An integral part of our service is lunch where staff and young people come together to share a daily meal. The emphasis throughout the day is on building trusting relationships and improving self-esteem and confidence. The’ Therapeutic Day’ fosters interactions and encourages reflection and creative ways of dealing with difficulties and conflict. The programme provides a friendly and unpressured environment whilst maintaining boundaries to ensure safety and containment. Each day begins and ends with a therapeutic group where all young people and day staff meet. The group provides a space for young people to explore and process their experiences together, and this includes reflection upon the events of the day.