At Hope, families carers and young people are supported by having an allocated Hope Co-ordinator in order to provide them with consistency and to have a central person to discuss any issues that may arise. Hope works with the family and young person to look at making changes within the family unit to facilitate a shift in the family dynamics and improve relationships between all family members. Hope Co-ordinators provide support to parents/carers by reassuring them and rebuilding confidence in their ability to parent and cope during stressful times. Young people are able to access therapy at Hope as part of their day programme which provides the therapeutic space in order for them to explore relationships with family members and the issues that this may bring up for them.

Hope is a therapeutic setting that facilitates the opportunity for young people to develop positive relationships with both staff and other young people. Young people have commented that being part of the day programme has enabled them to form relationships with other young people from outside their friendship circles and how valuable this has been.