The unique combination of education, therapy and social activities

When a young person is accepted into the Hope Service day programme it is because they have complex needs that have not fully been met through other agencies within the county.

At the Hope Service we believe that young people will only achieve educationally if their psychological and emotional needs are being met. What we offer is a combination of education, therapy and activities for the young people who enter the day programme.

The psychological and emotional resiliance resources that are accessed through therapy help the young people to build resilience and therefore take risks in their education which, in turn, are more likely to lead to positive outcomes. Through modelling thinking, curiosity and imagination in the therapeutic relationship, the young person can develop and integrate these skills and take them forward into their education. When they achieve in education they may notice a greater sense of self (the ability to think, reason and reflect) which leads them to be more curious to explore this in their therapy and build further on these resources. These skills are essential for the development of lifelong learning and may have been underdeveloped in the young person prior to their acceptance into the Hope Service.

All the activities, whether they are 1:1 or group sessions, promote interaction and when one young person is viewed positively by either a member of staff or another young person, it improves their sense of self and helps to develop their ability to appreciate others. At the same time they are learning life skills, developing positive interactions, being encouraged to think and they are having preconceived ideas and beliefs challenged.

Through the combination of therapy, education and activities we create a sense of belonging, community, membership and self worth within the young people. Not only are these essential life skills but they are also transferable skills that will help each young person be successful when they return to school or college or move into an apprenticeship, training or employment.