What is Dramatherapy?

Dramatherapy uses the healing aspects inherent in drama and theatre as the therapeutic process.  Young people can begin to explore and express emotions through the safety of ‘dramatic distance’.  The Hope Service offers Dramatherapy sessions on an individual or group basis, dependent upon need.

Do you have to be good at acting?

Young people do not need any previous experience of, or interest in drama, as Dramatherapy is not all about acting. They may choose to work with a range of different mediums such as art making; character work; images; improvisation; masks; movement; myths; small objects; puppets and/or stories.

How can Dramatherapy help?

People can struggle to talk about their feelings and emotions. Through a client-centred approach, Dramatherapy encourages the young person to be playful, accessing emotions and traumatic life experiences through the distance of symbol and metaphor.