Family Therapy

What are the aims of Family therapy?

Family therapy aims to support change through a better understanding of the relationships between family members and existing patterns of communication. The emphasis in sessions, lasting about an hour at a time, is on the strengths of the family that can be drawn on to create positive change so that challenges or difficulties are more effectively managed or viewed differently. Sessions can include anyone in the family such as individuals, couples, siblings, some or all family members, step and extended families

Discussions will always include thinking about the young person who has been referred to the Hope Service whether or not they attend the sessions.

What are the kinds of issues people bring to the sessions?

  • Family communication
  • Relationship breakdown and parenting issues
  • Dealing with challenging behaviour in the family
  • Co-parenting when living separately
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Drug and alcohol misuse and its impact on relationships
  • Managing extended family communication

Family Work

As well as regular sessions run by a qualified Family Therapist, family work is also offered to young people and their families or carers when this is agreed as a helpful intervention. The work is delivered by a range of professionals within the Hope team and usually with professionals working in pairs with the young people and their families/carers.