Families Learning About Self-Harm (FLASH)

FLASH – Families learning about self-harm

The programme is open to parents and carers of young people who attend the Hope Service.

FLASH is a 10 week programme for parents and carers of young people aged between 11 to 17 that exhibit self-harming behaviours where these are impacting on the family as a whole. The programme aims to reduce stress levels to a manageable level.

The FLASH programme includes the following topics:-

  • Introductory session: what is self-harm and risk taking behaviour?
  • Teen development and implications for relationships and communication
  • The difference between suicide and self-harm: myths, fears and reality
  • Listening skills
  • Praise and building self-esteem
  • Walking on egg-shells – parenting styles
  • Consequences – setting limits and managing boundaries
  • Looking after yourself as a parent – managing the difficult times
  • Looking after the family – effect of self-harm on other family members
  • Putting it all together, evaluation and ending

Sessions will occur weekly with 8 – 12 participants in a supportive environment.

We are currently exploring how we can run the FLASH group with the constraints of COVID and will update the website accordingly.

As a Hope parent and carer, please contact your young persons Hope Coordinator to express your interest or to find out more about the programme.

FLASH dates

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